terms and conditions

Last updated 3/9/2022

1. Ownership

The owner of this website and responsible for the treatment of this website is ONFEET SL (hereinafter the "Service" or ONFEET), with address at Plaza Elche 38, Bajo, CP 46988 Paterna, Valencia, Spain.

NIF: B05273503
Email: support@onfeet.com

ONFEET S.L. is registered in the Public Registry of Commerce of Valencia in volume 10972, book 8250, paper sheet 13, section 8, page V 197663, 1st inscription.

When you use the Service, you accept our terms and conditions and with this you agree not to use it for illegal purposes.

2. Acceptance

The Service is available to any user, for their own consumption and subject to the following terms and conditions: these Terms of Use and Sale, our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

On the other hand, we inform you that for legal reasons we archive the electronic documents in which the purchases are formalized. You can access these documents at any time by requesting it at: support@onfeet.com

In this sense, as a user of the Service, whether of one type or another, you agree to receive electronically the invoices of your purchases. In any case, whenever you request it, the invoice will be sent to you in paper format at the address you indicate. For more information, contact us at: support@onfeet.com

3. Description and Use of the Service
3.1 Provision

Through the Service you can register as a user and sell or buy products that are of interest to you. In any case, you should know that you can only act as an individual and in no case will professional uses of the service be admitted.

The Service will at no time own the products or acquire ownership of them. Sales are made by and between individuals.

3.2 Users

To use the website, you must create your profile from the "Register" button and complete the requested information.

3.3 Sales

To sell through the Service, you will have to indicate the item you want to sell along with the type of sale, the size, units and the sale price.

The types of sale are Standard and Consign:

  • In the Standard ads, the item will be published on the web and once it is sold, the seller must send us the item within two working days following the date of sale. To send the item, they must use the DHL Express label that they will have available in their profile.
  • When we receive the item, it will go through the authentication process and once it is finished, it will be sent to the buyer.
  • In Consign ads, the seller must send the items to our warehouse, at their own expense and by the shipping method of their choice. Once you do, you must provide us with the tracking number.
  • When we receive the items, they will go through the authentication process and will be advertised on the web.

In both cases, payment to the seller will be made 24/48 hours after we have shipped the item to the buyer.

3.4 Product delivery and availability

The usual delivery times will be indicated to you during the purchasing process.

In any case, the delivery date at your home may change depending on the availability of the chosen product, the warehouse of origin, the shipping area or the specific circumstances of each order. It can also change due to extraordinary incidents in the carrier, meteorological causes or any other type of similar difficulties in the delivery of the merchandise.

 3.5 Products

All items sold on ONFEET go through an authentication process to ensure that they are 100% original.

If during the inspection of the article we detect any of the following anomalies:

  1. It is false.
  2. It is used.
  3. The box has notable damage.
  4. It has factory defects (notable glue stains, ink stains, scratches, etc.)
  5. It is an article that does not correspond to what was advertised.
  6. The seller has not shipped the item.

The sale will be canceled and the seller will be notified of the cause. The seller must pay €20 for shipping costs through a payment link. Once we receive the payment, the item will be sent back to you.

3.6 Use

Users, whether Buyers or Sellers, agree to use the Service in accordance with current legislation and the terms and conditions of the platform.

Similarly, users agree not to collect data for advertising purposes, send advertising of any kind or communications for sales purposes or others of a commercial nature. Nor may you make available to third parties, for any purpose, data collected in the Service.

In case of non-compliance with these obligations, users will be held responsible for them. Likewise, in case of damaging, rendering useless, overloading, deteriorating or preventing the normal use of the materials and information contained in the Service, as well as the information systems or the documents, files and all kinds of content stored in any computer equipment of the Service or any user or member of ONFEET.

From the Service you may be sent to other websites through links.

However, ONFEET does not control those sites or their content, which are in fact subject to their own terms and conditions. Therefore, ONFEET is not responsible for the quality, veracity or accuracy of those sites.

5. Age

Regarding the use of the Service, we do not accept underaged users. You declare that you are of legal age and that you have the legal capacity to be bound by this agreement, and use it in accordance with its terms and conditions, which you fully understand and recognize.

If you purchase the Service on behalf of another person, you acknowledge to have enough and a proper authorization.

You declare that all the information provided by you to access the Service, before and during its use, is true, complete and accurate.

6. Intellectual and industrial property
6.1 Own content

The content and information of the Service (among other data, text, sound, video, image or computer code), as well as the infrastructure used to provide such content and information, is owned by ONFEET or has the corresponding authorizations for its use.

In addition, the modification, reproduction, duplication, copy, distribution, sale, resale and other forms of exploitation for commercial or equivalent purposes of the Service and its contents are prohibited.

For any other use of the content of the Service you need our prior written consent.

 6.2 User content

As a user, you can contribute to the Service in various ways, such as sending emails, suggestions, messages or reviews, among others (hereinafter "Content").

We may use that Content in a variety of ways, including displaying it on the website, reformatting it, translating it into other languages, editing it for clarity, fixing mistakes, creating derivative works from it, promoting it and distributing it.

Therefore, the Content remains your property but by submitting it you grant the Service a worldwide, non-exclusive, free, until the content is withdrawn, transferable and sublicensable license on that Content.

However, the Service reserves the right not to publish content or information that is false or contrary to the rights of third parties.

6.3 Prohibited activities

You agree not to carry out any of the following acts:

  1. Access, supervise or copy content or information from this website through the use of robots, crawlers, data scrapers or any other automated means that allow the website or its content to be accessed, crawled, indexed, retrieved or otherwise used for any purpose without the explicit written permission from the Service;
  2. Embed, mirror or otherwise incorporate any part of this website into another website without our prior written permission;
  3. Attempt to modify, translate, adapt, edit, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any software program that the Service uses in connection with the website;
  4. Use the Website to threaten, harass, defraud, incite, harass another person or advocate the harassment of another person, or otherwise interfere with another user's use of the Website;
  5. Use the website to send or transmit unwanted mail (“spam”), chain letters, contests, “junk mail”, pyramid schemes, surveys or other mass messages, whether commercial in nature or not;
  6. Use the website to infringe rights of third parties, including breach of trust and infringement of copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, moral rights, privacy rights or any other intellectual property or proprietary rights ;
  7. Attempt to gain unauthorized access to the website, computer systems or networks connected to the website through hacking, password mining or any other means. As well as the transmission of computer viruses, worms, defects, Trojan horses or other elements of a destructive nature;
  8. Use any device, software or routine that interferes with the proper functioning and security measures of the website;
7. Prices and taxes
7.1 As a User

You understand that the use of the Service may involve charges for the goods you acquire.

The price must be paid to the Service at the time of purchase.

The Service will act as a limited collection agent for the Seller and the payment will be considered as a payment made directly by you to the Seller, regardless of the contractual agreements in force between the Service and the Seller.

The charges will include applicable taxes when required by law, they will be final and non-refundable.

The Service, at any time and in case of detecting errors, reserves the right to establish, eliminate and/or revise the prices indicated through the use of the Service. The Sellers, in turn, may modify the price of their products at any time, as long as said product has not yet been purchased.

This payment structure is intended to fully compensate the Seller for the goods provided and in turn guarantee delivery of the product to the Buyer.

The Service informs credit and debit card holders that transactions are made on a secure page, using TSL technology to guarantee data transmission security.

7.2 As a Seller

The prices of the goods and services offered in the Service will be freely established by the Seller and will be indicated, within the platform, in euros (€).

The Seller must take into consideration that, in addition to the circumstances indicated, it will be responsible for paying the taxes related to the use and provision of the Service.

The Service will receive a commission from each transaction (sale) made through the platform of 5% of the advertised price for sales made in Consign mode and 10% for Standard sales.

The certification services are carried out entirely in Spain and subject to the VAT/VAT in force at any given time.

Once the sale is made, we will pay the Seller the corresponding amount within 48 hours of having sent the item to the Buyer, except in those cases in which the inspection of the product is not passed or extraordinary situations (such as a failure in the system of payment processing) does not allow it, in which case we will act as soon as possible.

For any clarification, incident or claim, you can contact us at the following email: support@onfeet.com

8. Restriction, suspension and termination of the Service
  1. If as a Seller you violate these terms and conditions, stop providing the acquired services without just cause or detect habitual errors in the specifications of your products, the Service may restrict, suspend or terminate your brokerage service. In such cases:
  2. If your activity is restricted or suspended, you will be notified in a reasoned way to your email before it takes effect.
  3. If it is decided to completely terminate the provision of all your services, you will be provided, at least thirty days before the termination takes effect, a statement of the reasons that justify the decision by email, except if there is a legal obligation or imperative need to terminate the service immediately.

In any case, you will be offered the opportunity to clarify the facts and circumstances within the framework of an internal dispute handling procedure.

9. Payments and means

To acquire any product or service, it is essential to pay it in full and in advance.

Payment can be made:

  • By VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card, charging the amount at the time of purchase of the products.

    In this sense, the Service informs credit and debit card holders that transactions in the online store are carried out on a secure payment gateway, using TLS technology to guarantee security in data transmission.

10. Validity of offers

The plans offered in the Service, and their prices, will be available for purchase while they are in the catalog displayed on the web.

In any case, the Service reserves the right to make the modifications it deems appropriate, being able to update the functions of the Service according to the market.

Likewise, the Service may, in case of agreement with a certain Seller, establish special offers or create promotional codes for its services, which may be exchanged for account credit or other elements or benefits related to the Service and/or the services of a Seller, subject to any additional terms that the Service establishes based on each promotional code.

By using the Service, you agree that promotional codes:

  • Should only be used for the intended audience, intended purpose, and in a lawful manner.
  • They may not be duplicated, sold or transferred in any way, or made available to the general public (whether posted in a public forum or otherwise), except with the permission of the Service.
  • They may be invalidated by the Service at any time, if non-compliance or fraud is detected in their use, without liability to the Service.
  • They may be used only in accordance with the specific conditions that the Service establishes for said promotional code.
  • They are not valid as cash.
  • They may expire before you use them.

The Service reserves the right to withhold or deduct credit or other items or benefits obtained through the use of the promotional codes in the event that it determines or believes that the use or redemption of the promotional codes was in an erroneous manner, fraudulent, illegal or violating the conditions of the promotional code or these conditions.

The prices that appear on the web are indicative and indicated by the users who have put the articles on sale, in this way, they could vary without prior notice.

We inform you that despite the updates that are made to the prices of the Service, they may contain errors. We will promptly correct all errors that appear and affect us, but they will not be binding on the Service.

11. Classification, differentiated treatment and access to vendor data
11.1 Classification

The Service uses classification, assessment and/or weighting systems in order to determine the priority in positioning within the website of one service over another.

Specifically, our classification system takes into account:

  1. The characteristics of the product offered, as well as its price to determine a horizontal classification or by categories.
  2. The sales classification of a product, featured products or news.
  3. In turn, there will be filters available to the user that will allow them to restrict or order their search according to price ranges, alphabetical order, type of product or target audience, for example. If used, the classification system initially adopted by the Service will be nullified.
 11.2 Access to data
  1. The Service has access to the Seller's data or to the data that is generated, including under what conditions and what categories of data.

  2. No data is provided to third parties that are not essential for the proper functioning of the Service.

12. Exclusion of guarantees and liability
12.1 General terms

Except in the cases expressly described in these terms and conditions and to the extent permitted by law, ONFEET is not responsible for damages of any nature that may be due to lack of accuracy, completeness or timeliness, including errors and omissions, of the information contained in the Service. Similarly, neither of any duty or commitment to verify or monitor its contents and information.

Likewise, ONFEET does not guarantee the availability and absolute continuity of the operation of the Service. In any case, ONFEET will endeavor to warn in advance of any interruptions that may occur in the operation of the Service whenever possible.

The Service excludes, to the full extent permitted by law, any liability for damages of any nature that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the Service's operation. In the same way, regarding the fraud of the utility that the users could have attributed to the Service.

12.2 Responsibility towards the Vendors

Our joint responsibility derived from our conditions, from us or from our services, or related in any way to these, will be limited to the losses that are a reasonably foreseeable consequence of said breach and will not exceed the amount of the commissions accumulated with the Seller in the last six months.

If anyone files a claim against us related to Seller's actions, information or content on the Service, the Seller will indemnify and hold harmless, to the extent permitted by law, the Service for any liability, damage, loss and expense (including reasonable legal fees and costs) arising in connection with or in any way connected with the following::

  1. Your access to or use of our Service that you make of these, including the information provided in connection with them;
  2. Your breach of our conditions, the service to be provided or the applicable law; or
  3. Any false statement you make.

    You will collaborate to the extent that we request it in the defense or resolution of any claim.

If the laws of your country of residence, applicable as a result of your use of our services, do not allow it, the above limitations will not modify your rights with respect to the Service.

13. Withdrawals, cancellation and refunds
  1. Withdrawal The right of withdrawal is not allowed. According to the regulations applicable to purchases made remotely or online between individuals, there is no right of withdrawal, unless so expressed by the parties. In our case, the Service does not provide any type of possibility in this regard as it is a mere intermediary.
  2. Cancellation and Refunds If during the inspection we carry out to guarantee the adequacy of the product sent by the Seller we detect any anomaly that prevents its sale, we will cancel the shipment, reimbursing the Buyer the price paid for it.

Users may not cancel shipments at any time.

If in doubt, contact us at: support@onfeet.com

14. Delete account

You can cancel your account with the Service at any time from its configuration or by sending us an email to support@onfeet.com

If a user unsubscribes, we will keep their information for a period of 90 days so that they can easily reactivate their account and finalize the purchases that may be pending. Once this period has elapsed, all the information will be deleted except for the information that we must keep to comply with our legal obligations.

15. Modifications and nullity

We may update the terms and conditions of the Service in the future, as well as features and functions of the Service itself. However, this will not adversely affect the quality of any specific service that we have expressly agreed to provide.

We will notify you of changes in terms and conditions by placing a notice in a prominent place on our website and/or by email.

If any clause included in our terms and conditions is declared, totally or partially, null or ineffective, it will only affect said provision or the part of it that is null or ineffective. The terms and conditions will subsist in everything else, having such provision, or the part of it that is affected, as not set.

16. Claims and actions derived from the contract

This Service is governed by Spanish law, which indicates that in the event of a dispute with a consumer, the parties will submit to the courts of the latter's domicile.

In this sense, and in accordance with the applicable regulations, the Service informs of the existence of a European online dispute resolution platform that facilitates the out-of-court resolution of said disputes for contracts also concluded online between consumers and Internet service providers. This platform can be accessed through the following website: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

17. Contact

If you have questions about these terms and conditions, contact us at:

Email: support@onfeet.com
Address: Plaza Elche 38, Bajo, CP 46988 Paterna, Valencia, Spain.